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Jan 28, 2017

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton speaks on the final night of <a href=รองเท้า แฟชั่น ysl the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. July 28, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar - RTSK5R2' align='left' /> "He quickly recovered, walked out of the Capitol and turned home," Kendall said, adding that emergency medical technicians met Dayton at his home and performed a "routine check" on him there. "He is now spending time with his son and grandson" and would present his 2017 budget to legislators on Tuesday morning as planned. Gubernatorial spokesman Sam Fettig said the governor, now midway through his second four-year term, did not go to a hospital. Fettig declined to say what might have caused the governor's collapse but said he believed Dayton to be otherwise in good health. Dayton's son, Eric, posted a separate message on Twitter saying, "I'm with my dad now and he's doing great. Thank you all for your kind well-wishes and words of concern." Dayton was briefly hospitalized about a year ago after fainting while speaking during an event in the St. Paul suburb of Woodbury. Aides said then that he was treated for dehydration before being released. Dayton served six years at a U.S.

"Technology is the big issue and we don't acknowledge that," Mark Weinberger, chairman of consultancy EY, said on Thursday, arguing there was a tendency to always blame trading partners. The political backdrop is prompting CEOs to take more seriously the challenge รองเท้าส้นเตารีดราคาไม่เกิน200 of long-life training of workforces to keep up with the exponential growth of technological advances. "I think what we're reaching now is a time when we may have to find alternative careers through our lifetime," Microsoft Chief Executive Satya รองเท้า หนัง แฟชั่น Nadella told Reuters. Over the last decade, more jobs have been lost to technology than any other factor, and John Drzik, head of global risk at insurance broker Marsh, expects more of the same. "That is going to raise challenges, particularly given the political context," Drzik, who helped compile the WEF report, said. Compared to clamping down on immigration by tightening borders, dealing with the impact of technology destroying jobs is something that is perhaps even less easily controlled. For while many advanced technologies remain more expensive than low- or medium-skilled labour in the near term, the shift is likely to accelerate as costs come down. WIDENING GAP Technological advancements require governments, businesses and academic institutions to develop more educated and highly skilled workforces, executives in Davos said. But this shift to skilled workers also widens the income gap and fuels growing inequality. Jonas Prising, CEO of staffing firm ManpowerGroup, noted that U.S.

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