Plain Talking On Level-headed Stores Online Methods

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Macy’s traffic dipped 11%, and Aldo Shoes saw a 5% decline. Bebe experienced a slight increase of 2%. However, engagement on these retailers’ websites was up, with the exceptions of and  More specifically, SimilarWeb reported that saw an increased bounce rate, while consumers were viewing the same number of pages per visit. And visitors were viewing 0.6 fewer pages and bouncing off the site more often. Finally, visitors were viewing slightly fewer pages (0.2) and with a lower bounce rate. Of the six sites examined, seems to have been least affected by recent changes in the retail space, making it clear why the brand would choose to focus on its online presence now. Researchers at SimilarWeb suspect that this improvement may be attributed in part to the brand’s strong mobile presence.  In fact, 80% of Bebe’s customers enter its website via mobile, compared to Sears , which only engages digitally through mobile 56% of the time.  JCPenney is also doing well overall, despite decreased visits in the first quarter. The brand had improved engagement stats, showing that visitors to the site were more interested in the content offered. The brand has recently increased investments in search (mostly paid), email campaigns and display ads. and seem to be significantly affected by the closure of stores and have experienced decreases in traffic and engagement.  “To improve its situation in the market, Macy’s might consider investing further in search (both paid and organic), as well as referrals, which could provide significant traffic in this field,” Nitzan Tamari, vice president of marketing and strategy at SimilarWeb, told FierceRetail.

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It does. Is it worth a petition to stop online stores, Amazon etc selling so easily?

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